As a car owner, you should know the importance of maintaining ceramic coatings. Of course, it is one of the investments you’ll make with your vehicle. It can help improve the visible shine of your vehicle while protecting it. 

Though a ceramic coating is extremely durable whenever it cures, it is still not bulletproof. You will still do a couple of routine care and maintenance.  

Today, we are going to talk about a couple of tips that can help you maintain your car’s ceramic coat Houston 

Always Utilize Separate Mitts and Wash Buckets for Wheels 

Wheels and tires gather brake dust. Essentially, this is microscopic metal shavings bits. There is something that you have to think about. Why would you utilize a wash mitt with small metal bits to wash your car’s ceramic coated surface? Obviously, it is a lot better to utilize another material for washing the wheels.  

Utilize a Car-Specific Shampoo or Soap 

There are a lot of coating companies that recommend a particular kind of soap for washing. Well, the truth is that these soaps are car-specific products. They don’t contain chemical agents, harsh abrasives, and other contaminants.  

It is always ideal to utilize quality car shampoo or wash soap. You do not have to utilize any products with extra polish or wax. All you need is just a car shampoo that produces excellent suds.  

Always wash starting from the top to bottom whenever you wash. Also, you’ve got to rinse every section whenever you are done.  

Utilize the Two-Bucket Technique When Washing Your Car 

If you want to lower swirl marks and create the ideal wash outcomes, you need to use the two-bucket technique when washing your vehicle. For those who do not know, the two-bucket wash technique is essentially utilizing one bucket for soaking your wash mitt and the other one is utilized to clean the wash mitt after every section you wash on your vehicle.  

The secondary bucket should be filled with clean water. You will use this to get rid of the dirt in the mitts after each use. It is also ideal if the bucket has grit guards.  

Don’t Wash Your Car Directly Under the Sun 

We all know what the sun generates heat. This is probably one of the worse enemies of ceramic coatings. You’ve got to ensure you wash your vehicle outdoors (but not under direct sun), inside the garage, or in shade. This will guarantee that you’ll obtain the ideal outcomes from your hard work of washing your car.  

It is always ideal to wash your vehicle early in the morning. The reason for this is that the sun isn’t producing much heat during this period. Also, this will help you prevent water spots.  

Wash the Vehicle Every 2 Weeks 

It is ideal to wash the vehicle every other week, whether you’ve got a garage-kept queen or a daily driver. This will help prevent the excessive accumulation of contaminants. Keep in mind that car covers gather dust. So, you’ve got to still clean your car even if you utilize a car cover.