Nowadays, most people have their own pets. If you’re one of these people, chances are you consider them as a member of your family. Almost every pet owner today includes their pets in celebrating the holidays. Perhaps they dress them up for occasions and purchase them a gift. Your pet brings a lot of happiness to your family. However, it is very special for them to share in the joy during the holiday celebration.  

This year, to make the celebration even more unique, you should think about pet photography to capture the special personality of your furry friend in an unforgettable holiday setting. This photography will improve your holiday celebrations in a lot of ways, whether you include them in the holiday greeting card, utilize them to make photo ornaments, or plan to frame the photos.  

Here are a couple of tips from a professional Aurora photographer that you can consider for the best holiday photography that features your pet.  

Don’t Forget to Use Props 

Almost every photography studio has a range of holiday-themed props and backgrounds that you can use to bring out that seasonal sensation in photos. But, feel free to bring props from home if you want to add a personal touch to the photos. You can bring it as well if your dog has a favorite stuffed animal. Make sure to pack it up if your cat has a preferred cozy blanket. These are simply a couple of samples of props. However, you virtually have limitless options. Thus, you can get creative and work with the photographer to bring your vision to life.  

Be Ready and Prepared 

Ahead of time, you have to pack the necessities of your pet so you are ready for the session. You can pack your pet’s favorite dry treat, a dish, and some water. These things might be what you require to bribe your furry friend into the best pose. Before you visit the studio, you should have the pet do its business first on the day of the session. Though accidents happen, most of them can be prevented by taking a break before the session starts. In addition to that, pets can focus on posing for the best photos without the urge to do their business.  

Dress Up Your Pet 

Though you do not have to dress up your pet for the holiday photoshoot, a lot of individuals choose to add festive accessories of some sort. An adorable hat or a holiday sweater is sure to offer a holiday feel. However, you should think about an adorable collar in a plaid pattern or bright hue if your pet is not likely to sit still with clothes on. You should think about coordinating with the color palette you are using if your pet will be in photos with your family. For a cohesive look, you can tie in the attire of your pet.  

To really capture the best photos, be sure to hire a professional photographer who has a lot of experience in taking holiday pet photography