Many people have extra spaces in front of their homes that they would like to turn into something that could help in improving the entire look of the home and that is creating a garden or a landscape where the homeowners would put and plants any plants; flowers or trees of their choice because this truly has a different impact in the whole look of the home. Even if you do not say it out loud often, all of us actually prefers to have homes that have gardens or landscapes because the home will look more beautiful and fresh.  


But, in your quest of wanting to make your home look more amazing, you have to understand that planting plants is not that easy to do and you will truly need some tools necessary for planting such as plant pots, fertilizers, garden scissors, shovel and many other things related to planting and taking care of plants. Moreover, you would also need some information about the plants that you would plant in your yard. If you are a beginner, you have to make sure that you choose flowers that you could grow easily. Landscape design Glendale actually says that planting flowers for your landscape will change the look of your home in the best way possible.  

To give you a list of flowers that beginners like you could plant in your yard, you should continue reading this article because this is a list of wonderful plants that you would absolutely love. We hope that you will find this interesting, entertaining and informative. 

1. Marigolds 

If you live in a very sunny place, you should have marigolds around you because they could easily grow in sunny areas. This will definitely make your garden look brighter because this will produce flowers that have yellow and reddish colors which are really vibrant colors and friendly colors for the garden. You could see them in their best during the summer.  

2. Begonias 

This is a kind of beginner plant that you could put in hanging pots which are really cute for your garden since it is always best if you have a bit of every kind of plant. Hanging plants are also very nice to look at in a garden so this will be a wild choice! You could put this in the shade but this could also be exposed in a sunny area.  

3. Daffodils 

Every spring, you will get to enjoy daffodils in your garden. This flower is very easy to plant and grow. You do not need more effort just to have a daffodil because this will definitely survive on your watch which is amazing for beginners just like you.  

4. Sunflowers 

Who does not love a sunflower? They are very easy to grow and you would not have a hard time growing them. From its name, it needs the sun in order for them to reach their maximum potential.  

5. English Lavender 

This is a very fragrant flower and it looks very beautiful with its silver leaves. This is something that you should add to your garden if you want a good smelling one.  

A garden will need your attention and care, make sure that you give enough to help it blossom.